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I have known and enjoyed working with Russel for some 20 years. We first met when he was managing National Sales for Eldridge Pope & Co PLC and Wadworth appointed EP as our fine wine suppliers; we also sold cask ale and bottling contracts to each otherís Companies at that time.

Russelís knowledge, enthusiasm and management skills encouraged Wadworth to recruit him from EP in February 1995 as our National Sales Manager.

This division grew rapidly and successfully to the point that The Whitbread Beer Company purchased the National Sales and Distribution rights to 6X and the family of Wadworth-brewed beers and in this process all Wadworth National Sales positions became redundant. Russel was rapidly recruited by Charles Wells as Regional Sales Manager, Wholesale in which role he took responsibility for selling Red Stripe and other Wellsí brands into Wadworth, managing our account to good effect.

As indicated by our dealings detailed above Russelís wine and beer trade knowledge and experience combined with the good working contacts and relationships that he has built-up over many years stand him in good stead to participate in or provide advice and consultancy across a very wide area of the Licensed trade.

I can wholeheartedly recommend his honesty, integrity and capacity for work.