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Cask Marque Award

What does Cask Marque Do?

Join Cask Marque

Over 46% of cask ale drinkers recognise the Cask Marque plaque and that it stands for quality. If you are not already a member why not prove to your existing customers how great your beer is and also advertise the quality to potential new customers by going for the award? For just the cost of a small advert in a local magazine you can gain an award for a year which highlights to the British consumer that you take great care and love over your beer.

Cellar Management Training

If you are already a Cask Marque member then perhaps you are here to find out about our cellar management training? We run over 200 courses a year training people in how to look after the equipment in the cellar and to ensure that beer is in perfect condition from the moment it arrives at the pub to the moment it reaches a customer’s lips.

Beer Quality Tips

Cask Marque have produced a number of documents and charters to help ensure beer is served in perfect condition. These range from our distributor charter, to our daily and weekly checklist to out trouble shooting guide to glasswashers. There is a wealth of information available here for anybody who is interested in serving the perfect pint, every time.

Beer Festival

Why not create interest and bring in new customers by running a beer festival? You can choose how many beers you want to sell and how long you want to run it for so it can be as big or small as you wish. Read our guide on how to run a beer festival which has tips on how to choose your range of beers, where to hold it, what equipment you will need, how to promote your event and much more.